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VitaWater..... better than Mother Nature intended!

Company Vision and Values

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The Vision at VitaWater

"This company envisions itself as a recognized leader in providing the highest quality vitamin enhanced spring water with a dedicated staff able to respond to the challenge of protecting our environment. Further, it envisions a world where everyone will have equall access to the healthest water on the planet."


VitaWater Values

A fun work environment*Reaching out to the community*Providing a quality product*Honesty and Integrity*Professionalism*Protecting the environment*Good returns for all stakeholders*Commitment to improving the quality of water*Dedication to serving the far reaches of the world


Not all companies are dedicated to bringing you the higest quality of water like we are at VitaWater.  Below is a list of companies with questionable practices within our industry.

Poland Spring Water

Alasika Premium Glacier Water

Spring Water

....what you've been missing!